Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Shine of A Spring Rain

Crystal shine of your eyes,
A pink pearl necklace
My kindness
I lost them all to a spring rain.

I opened my arms,
Closed my eyes
And greeted the cruel rain that
Took you from me.

I collapsed
Neither like raindrops
Nor like autumn leaves

I collapsed
Like pearls from a broken lace
At your knees.

Crystal shine of my eyes
A pink pearl necklace
Your kindness

All had vanished through the spring rain.

The Shine is for the rain, Renoir 's Umbrellas (1881) and you.


Nazy said...

Greetings Tameshk Jan: A beautiful poem and a gorgeous painting! Thank you for the shine! I would love to have that painting, but I resist the temptation! That reminds me, I once went to a rich man's house in Paris with M. We were led into a palatial living room and were asked to wait. As we were waiting, I thought I would look at the paintings on the wall. Our host came in. I asked him quietly whether one of the pictures on the wall was a Degas, and he said yes! In his house overlooking the Eiffel Tower, the guy had works of art by original painters all around. This made me sad, because Degas now belongs to the world and to humanity, and his paintings must be put in museums where everyone can see and appreciate them. Thanks for the gift of culture Tameshk Jan!

Siavash said...

So Visual! So beautiful!

مرجان said...

تمشک عزیزم. شعرت خیلی لطیف بود. معلومه از اون آدمهائی که کم عاشق میشن ولی اگه بشن دیگه ازون عاشقا میشن که بقول مش قاسم "آدم بزرگا جون سالم ازش به در نمیبرن! چه برسه جوونا!" دوستت دارم...