Sunday, December 24, 2006

Two Must See Movies !

Sick and devastated by flu from last week, I am still struggling to inhale as much air as I can. Yet I managed to work out three things on top of my Must To Do List and thanks God I am done with them. First of all I had to double-check some dates on some letters in Seligmann’s ducuments, in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, which I did a few days ago; I also managed to spend some time with my little friends there in New Haven. Then I had to catch up on my Mystery Mondays book club reading Marx Sisters. And last but not least I had to go through my photo library and sort out more than 2658 photos. There are 4 more things on my list, waiting for me to get to them and hopefully I will be done with them before next week.

I also saw two very good movies. They are both Must Sees.

First one was Volver (2006) directed by Pedro Almadovar. A nice Spanish story, through Almadovar’s eyes with Penelope Cruz’s excellent performance, it is a magical narration, which could not be told in any other medium but Cinema. Currently I am reading a selection of Latin American short stories or Novellas and Volver adds some more spices to the mysterious and magical images that I get from reading those novellas.

Then there was Little Children (2006) directed by Todd Field. It has a very powerful decoupage and lots of memorable images thanks to the director and Antonio Calvache, a thoughtful Cinematographer. The story is a narration on the lives, thoughts and behavior of a well-established community in Massachusetts. While the narration remains neutral toward main characters (Sarah and Brad and Ronald) the viewer somehow gets a sense of being in favor of them and against the judgmental community they live in. yet at the end, the most obvious change of character happens for Larry (a retired police officer) who is negatively passionate about his duties as a police officer that he is not any more and Lucy (Sarah’s daughter) who finally gets into the car-seat. No need to mention Kate Winslet’s great performance.

Enjoy the Holidays!


roshanak said...

salam roja junam.chetori golam? che khabara? hasrate ye film didane babame delam be delam munde,koli filme nadide ba ketabe nakhunde daram :( ama felan faghat darsi albatte taghriban roozi 6 saat yani miyangin. doaa kon .boooooooooooos .salam beresun be hossein.

Elessar said...

in avalin bari hast ke man tooye yek weblog comment mizaram , chon ziyad az in kar khosham nemiad.
in comment ham faghat yek dalid dasht: volver va yek dokhtare irani ke in film dide boodam
man nemidoonam shoma che bar dashty kardid vali be onvane yek pesar kheili film room tasir gozasht tori ke alan 2-3 rooze tahte tasiresham va az zendegi oftadam!
nemidoonam chera?! film khoob tamoom shod, na depres konande bood va na hichi! pas chera teme film in ghadr ajib bood, shayad tahala 100 bar be ahangi ke Penelope mikhoone vasate film goosh kardam va bi ekhtiyar geryam gerfte.
be har hal benzaram in behtarin kare almodvar boode hata behtar az talk to her va tobo sobre mi madre.
khosh hal shodam yek irani dige mesle man ham in film ziba ro dide

TAMESHK said...

خوشحالم که از ولور خوشت اومده
به نظر من هم با فیلم های دیگه المادوار فرق داشت

Hi, Elessar
Thanks for breaking your habit to write your comment !

I am Happy that you liked the movie, I agree, it was different from other movies of his and it had a happy ending!

Tameshk !