Tuesday, September 21, 2004


It is very strange that people,we all, want to know the meanings of things, Paintings, Sculptures,... especially if the particular piece is abstract. (For the realistic art piece everybody wants to know what is the story) It is not just in art that "the meanings of things" or "The Concept" has a heavy weight. Often people ask about the meaning of names or they want to know what dose your name mean. Again my basic questions Why and How!
I keep thinking that what differences does it makes when one knows the meaning of something? Is it a bold question? or the answer is too obvious! I am not going to value this question in terms of saying that having the knowledge about the meaning of something is positive or is negative, I just want to know why it is important, why it is positive or negative or ... !?
In central Africa people don't tell their names to strangers and only the members of family have this knowledge, They believe Name is carrying your soul, and if your enemies know that they can take your soul by calling you.
Long-story-short it all came to my mind after someone asked me about the name of my blog, Tameshk. Does it really matter or does it make any difference if this blog has other name such as Lio, Bloor or...my answer is No. If you are interested to know what does Tameshk mean, it means Raspberry in Persian or Farsi.


Karlo said...

I've heard it said that if you have to explain the meaning, the art really isn't art.

Lyn said...

I'm reminded of an old song lyric: "Those who know what's best for us/Must rise and save us from ourselves." Not sure why it should surface in a post about top ten baby names, and certainly no reflection of you TAMESHK. But where could that thought take this discussion?

Lyn said...

Thanks for a marvelous read, TAMESHK! I often wonder about these things when I start to get back into list of baby girls names. Where do you think the desire comes from? Doesn't it seem like a natural human thing to want something like list of baby girls names?