Monday, September 06, 2004

The Beginning

It is not the first time that I'm writing my thoughts about anything and everything which is going on in my days, although by sure it is the first time I'm writing them in another language other than Farsi (my native language). Many times I asked myself if it changes anything or at least is it going to be an interesting move in my life !?!? but the answer was never clear.

I am persian. New Haven ,the city, which I've been living in since 2003, compared to Tehran, my Home Town, is a small clean town these days (near to 7 years ago I have heard that it was a dangerous little hell). I commute to New York City twice a week by train (Metro North) to get to school there. Near to eight hours a week I sit on the train and I freeze because of the train's air-conditioning system and the only thing that it is good for is writing these lines. I need to clear my thoughts, to sort them out; being able to do that, I need to write them as they come to my busy mind.

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Mohammad said...

Welcome to blogger's circle. I hope you continue writing and don't stop in the first post. By the way, why Tameshk?