Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mondrian Is an Outgrowth of Vermeer

Weekly Art Quotes:

"In the complexity of the modern art, in the wide and diverse background of causes and origins it is fatal to look merely on the surface for cause, but to go back to the arts of the primitive cultures classic constructions and even national traditions -- for it is apparent that Mondrian is an outgrowth of Vermeer and the Flemish tradition, as Matisse is the French tradition, while Picasso draws directly and freely on the Spanish, French, African and classic cultures." (From Twombly's statement in his travel fund application in 1952.)

"If my work seems difficult to someone not familiar with the present trends in painting, it is nonetheless sincere and dedicated in its intellectual honesty." (From Twombly's application for the Catherwood Foundation Fellowship in 1956.)

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