Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Office Calendar!

I was afraid all day today!
All through the morning coffee, the lectures, the lengthy office hours, and the afternoon tea, I was worried for an unknown-forgotten-something; worried that I am missing something!

The office calendar, sat on the desk with an air of confidence that robbed me of mine! I sat there as if all day, yet not!

I miss the scent of tuberose that filled our home every March 8th. I miss the scent of that one tuberose, that one Gool-e Maryam, the one dad brought home, every year on March 8th. I miss being home on March 8th!

The office calendar with an air of confidence reminded me of home!

* Happy International Women's Day! Happy March 8th!


Anonymous said...

salam roja jan ,
chera az oscar chizi naneveshti ?
kheili montazer boodam ghabl va bad az oscar jose avalin jahaee boodi ke omadam .kheili doost dashtam nazarato bedoonam . makhsoosan ghablesh ke hads misadi
omidvaram hamishe saret be shadi i vaba salamati garm bsshe
movazebe khodet bash

Tameshk said...

ببخشید. من تا همین یک هفته پیش فیلم رو ندیده بودم. البته فیلم بسیار خوبی است. متاسفانه الان دوسالی ست که اسکار را مستقیم دنبال نمیکنم.

تا زود زود