Wednesday, February 02, 2011


The new semester has begun with pain. I keep myself busy, trying to expand my memories of that condensed week; the magical week that we finally gathered like a family. Finally there we were. It was short.

The new semester is cold; colder than winter. Everywhere I go, every face I see, every hand I shake, freezes me back into loneliness. The cluster of their bodies, their kind eyes, and their warm voices are weirdly distant when I happen to them as if leprosy; they pass through me making the small city and the smaller citadel of migrants colder than a usual winter in Texas.

The new semester has begun and I keep myself busy, waiting for the winter to pass through me!

Rain in the Forest, Malaysia, January 2011


siavash said...

Take this warm smile :)
It's cold everywhere. What else we can do than taking it in.

Till said...

There maybe lonely tears on the window but I think I can see a warm sun laughing behind the mountain. What a wonderful picture. Thank you.

Tameshk said...

Siavash Jan,
I cherish the warm smile you've sent me. Thanks pal!