Saturday, May 01, 2010

Your Hands!

Another May Day far from your hands;

Your hands,
Warm, holding my worried hands, when I looked for the missing duckling, knowing the young fox who always sneaked into the garden using the old dry stony brook, would not be hungry tonight.

Your hands,
Tender, when I escaped their kind touch on my bruised forehead, in that dark snowy day!

Your hands,
Sharp, when you hold your HB pencil, editing page after page, putting little arrows here and there, making it short, clear and smooth, the way you want all writings to be,

Your hands,
Strong in holding us all close, as if me being two oceans away is no bother,

Another May Day far from your hands,
And my days are so cold when missing your magical touch!

Hand Catching a Bird, Joan Miro,

*Happy May Day to you all, & Happy Anniversary to my parents!


مسعود said...

سلام بر تو و بر آن دستهای مهربان،گرم،هدایت گننده و حمایتگر.
این قطعه را با الهام از اون نقاشی نوشتی ؟
سالم و سربلند باشی

Till said...

Beautiful poem, Roja, as always. I wish you hands to hold you and wings to carry you where you want to be!

Tameshk said...

مسعود عزیز
ممنون، نه این نقاشی خوان میرو رو بعد از نوشتن این قطعه پیدا کردم

Dear Till,

Thanks for your comment! It is ironic; if the hands you wish me really hold me, then the wings cannot take me away to where I wish to be...