Friday, January 08, 2010

Sneak a Peek

Petrified, Photo by Roja Najafi
Hearst Castle, CA, October 2007

Liberty in Tears, Photo by Roja Najafi
NY, May 2008

Is No Right, Photo by Roja Najafi
Graffiti on Lord & Taylor Billboard,
NJ Transit Train Station, Princeton , April 2008

* Three photographs from Fragmented Close-up, a 17-piece photography collection; Anyone interested in exhibiting these babies?

PS. Fragmented Close-up was my two-year photography project (2007-2009) which was completed on December 2009. I thought it was clear that I am the photographer. Just to prevent the confusion I wrote the complete title with the photographer's name.


Till said...

The liberty in tears shot is very good. I didn't see it at first. Titles do have a purpose. Who took these photos?

sooza said...

Wow, very nice photos, loved it...

Don said...

Can I hope to appear in any future photography project?

Stay warm, D.

Till said...

That's what I thought and it explains the quality of the photos. You have many talents! :)

مسعود said...

جعد مشکین
کمان ابرو
نرگس خفته
و اشکی برای آزادی.

Tameshk said...

Dear Till,
Thanks for your comments!

Dear Sooza,
I am glad you like these and I hope you like the other of the series.

Dear Don,
Thanks for your warm comment. I am not sure about any future projects yet, but I hope you be around to see them.

Dear Masoud,
Your comments are all encouraging!