Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Sensuous In Art

Yesterday was the beginning of a series of talks called The Sensuous in Art at IAS in Princeton. Professor Ann Wagner presented her talk on Behaving Globally. It was a very interesting talk and the audience raised many questions, which is a sign of a good talk. While Wagner was talking on Candice Breitz’s Video Art, Queen (A Portrait of Madonna) 2005 and the role, which Pop art plays on global behavior and the influences of this globalization on Fan-Idol relation, I kept thinking about the differences and similarities between Breitz’s piece and the American Idol.

I thought both of these works have some global characteristics: while Breitz put together 30 people from all around the world to sing a famous song of a worldly known pop artist, for example Madonna or Michael Jackson, American Idol, is searching for a new star and people all around the glob (not only in US) are watching the show on TV and even in some countries they have created their own versions of the show. But a bigger difference is that one of these two samples is a Video Art and the other is a Television Series. One should choose to go to the museum and see the Breitz’s piece by accepting that this is a work of ART and at the same time one is always exposed to the mass media productions like the American Idol. Then we should keep in mind that a Global subject/object is different from a Mass Produced subject/object.

The Sensuous in Art series are open to public and I think it is worth going to, even if you are not doing Art History.

Queen (A Portrait of Madonna), Candice Breitz, 2005

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