Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The First Squash Lesson !

Today I had my first Squash lesson. Although it is hard to play I enjoyed it a lot. The funniest thing is the ball. It is what I call the Dead Ball, simply because it does not bounce back. Actually the game was called Squash because of its soft ball. I can easily squeeze it by my fingers, so it is squash-able and funny. We should also wear goggles that I am not quite sure if it is required everywhere. After the class I took a look at the schedule sheet for the racquet sports’ and according to the sheet (or Department of Athletics) Squash is Princeton’s favorite court game. Wow !

For a long time I knew only of eatable squashes, which my grandma grows at her backyard. They are really delicious the way she cooks them; with a dash of sugar.

Here is the grandma's backyard.


roshanak said...

salam azizaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
mer30 ke umadi weblogam.manam delam barat ye zare shode.migam ina shabihe kadoo mimune ,hamune ya chize dige?

reyhaneh said...

khoobi roja
man reyhanam azizam
delam barat ye zare shode eshghe man
bavaret mishe?