Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tehran Film Festival

It is around that time of year again in Tehran. It is the beginning of another Fajr Festival. The film section of the Fajr festival is more interesting and the most popular one among Theater, Puppet performance, Music and other Festivals. This annual Festival creates the most exciting ten days of the year in Tehran. Everybody reacts one way or another to this major art event; usually people are happier, more laughter will reach your ears in the streets. The familiar scene of the city is the lined up people in front of movie theaters; young and old, everybody is out there.

What will happen to all of this excitement, to this happiness with the new set up limits in every layer of the society by the most conservative government in Iran after the revolution? Nobody knows what is going to be next. Economical changes and political limitations put the society under more pressure than before and of course political activists, journalists, intellectuals and artists are the important part of this society.

Tehran may lose its freedom, its happiness and its excitement; but if there is still an art festival held, Tehran shouldn’t lose its Hope for the better days.

Take a look at here and here for more information about the Fajr Film Festival.

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