Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Flying Turtles

Turtles Can Fly(2005) is Bahman Ghobadi’s latest film. Honesty of the picture is the most interesting feature that all Ghobadi’s films have in common. The sad and intimate relationship made between the characters of the story and the viewer is a sensitive touch of Ghobadi’s experience and knowledge. His films are the story of Life; not your life or mine, but his and his people’s: Kurds, wherever they are, in Iran, Iraq or Turkey. At the same time it is the story of all people who live their lives in fear, fear of being lost, fear of war, fear of separation but yet they don’t give up.

In his movies, each time, Ghobadi tells a new story which never gets boring or arrogant. Ghobadi and his wonderful cast and crew created moments in which we can all share the gratitude toward life. Whoever these people are and wherever they are, it doesn't matter; it is their life that we share through Ghobadi's films. In Turtles Can Fly hope is not easy to find, but we hear that better days will come as the handless boy foresees in the film. Do we have a chance to see that better future?

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azadeh said...

a good,briliant and shoking movie.and its name is marvellous