Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today's Thoughts

1- Pop John Paul II has died. God rest his soul, they say he was a good one. I would like to write my thoughts about him, maybe later.

2- Why it is so hard for me to start my sentences with something other than I.
Is it a sign of a mental illness?
Is there something wrong with me? I mean can I just start to talk or write without using me, I or anything which has some self-center-ness in it?

3- I would like to do something for a birthday, a friend’s birthday. It is today, what can I do?

4- Broccoli is a vegetable which I love so much.
I start looking for its origin and its useful qualities 3 days ago. It is perhaps the most unusual of all vegetables. Very much like cauliflower it is an immature flower of a plant belonging to the cabbage family and like the cauliflower it stops growing while it is still in bud.

It was not until 1724 that the first published reference to broccoli emerged in an edition of Miller’s Gardeners Dictionary where it was called Sprout Colliflower or Italian Asparagus. So its origin is likely to be Italian and it seems that it was introduced to the rest of Europe around the same time as the reference was published in the early part of the 18th Century.

It is very high in nutrients and often termed as a super-food. It is a really good source of Vitamin A, C (when it serves un-cooked) and calcium. It has significant amount of potassium.
Many people in the world hate broccoli. They have clubs, meetings and parties. But I love it I couldn’t find a single club about broccoli lovers in the web.

5- The friend whose birthday is today, is one of broccoli haters. well, he should be happy that I couldn’t find any broccoli-lovers-club yet. Be happy R.E. it is your day, today.

6- I know that I don't have that much chance to change his mind about broccoli, but I will try. Well it is delicious and useful.

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