Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Afghans, Tajiks, Uzbeks and Iranians celebrate Norooz*, once again.
Happy New Year to all of those who honor the Spring.

*Norooz is the oldest Iranian holiday. Together with Mehregan (entrance of Libra to the house of Sun), it was one of the "two" New Years of the ancient Aryans. Mehregan was the first day of the "cold" year (autumn and winter), and Norooz was the beginning of the "warm" year (spring and summer), it is said that Norooz was chosen as the official holiday by King Yama (Jamsheed), the ancient Iranian king and hero of myth who expanded the earth. According to the story, when Yama expanded the earth three times, he ordered the day of the last expansion to be called Norooz, which was to signal a "new day" for the people living in what is now Iran. The truth most likely lies somewhere in between the story and the fact that Norooz is the beginning of spring. It could be that Norooz was already a holiday for the Aryans, but when it coincided with an important event in the region of Jamsheed, it was chosen to be the "special" holiday.

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