Thursday, December 23, 2004


Last night at 8:05pm I handed the Blue notebook to Prof. M. Then I grabbed my research paper from the table next to him and in the darkness of the slide room I opened it to see my grade. It was A-. I looked around, 6 other students were still struggling with the last slide one of them asked me with an expressive face what is it? I analyzed the situation:

If I answer him it will be morally wrong, against the school’s principles and law, if I don’t respond, it will also be morally wrong, against the friendship principles and human-relation’s law! Trouble in both cases! I whispered Louvre. He wasn’t satisfied yet; he asked WHO? Oh God more trouble: Louvre, the famous museum, and before, the palace of the kings of France, has passed more than 800 years of history; more than 3 architects worked on it only in the Baroque period. I moved toward my seat to gather my stuff and with my fingers I showed 3 and with my face I showed devastation. (It is my famous face when I get devastated).

I packed and left the Slide room. Outside, I waited a little bit. I was thinking and realizing that it was my Last Exam. I got happy, and then I saw a coffee machine at the end of the corridor; so I got happier. While I walked toward the machine I was choosing between Tea and Coffee. Tea won. I got my cup of tea and I thought:

Do I love tea or I got used to it? This question came out about other things like:
Did I love my boyfriend or I got used to him? Am I going to love my kids or I will get used to them? Do I like my outfit or I got used to it? And so on.
It was horrible and scary. After a while I couldn’t feel a difference between them:

“Loving something or getting used to it”

By the time I came out of the train station in New Haven, and I saw my husband I knew that I know the difference.

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